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Q. Where should I set up my Hot Tub? 
A. On a flat, level, stable surface that is free of any sharp objects. 
Q. Can Hot Tubs be used indoors? 
A. Yes but make sure the floor can withstand the full weight of the Hot Tub when filled with water. The spa will give off a lot of steam and moisture therfore will have an effect on your surroundings so ensure it is a well ventilated area. 
Q. How long will it take for the Hot Tub to fill? 
A. Between 30mins and 3 hours depending on water pressure and hose size. 
Q. How long will it take for the water to heat up? 
A. Roughly about 12-24 hours but that time would be reduced if warm water was added initially also times will vary depending on the situation of the spa and weather conditions. 
Q. Should I use chemicals? 
A. Yes, the pH levels must be between 7.2 and 7.8, the total alkalinity between 80 and 120ppm and free chlorine between 3 and 5ppm. Balanced chemical usage will prolong the life of your spa and your filters. 
Q. How often should I change the filters? 
A. Most filters have a life span of about 8-12 weeks per cartridge depending on use. We recommend changing, cleaning and drying filters weekly to achieve maximum use. 
Q. How often should I change the water? 
A. Depending on usage and chemical balance this figure can vary, if filtered and chemically balanced water should last 3 months. 
Q. How much does it cost to run a Hot Tub? 
A. The running cost will vary from month to month depending on the ambient temperature and your usage. The cost is likely to decrease in the summer months, just like with your home electricity bill, it is difficult to provide a very accurate figure, as factors such as the cost of electricity in your area, location of the spa, weather, usage of bather time, temperature you have it set at, hugely affect the cost. However be assured that our hot tubs are some of the most energy efficient available today. Inflatable hot tubs do cost significantly more to run due to the lack of insulation compared to our acrylic Passion Spas and Grizzly Spas hot tubs. 
Q. Can I use an extension lead? 
A. For outside use it is recommended you use an RCD protected waterproof socket but you can also use an extension lead that is suitable for the Grizzly Spas ie the length must not exceed 10m, it must be rated at 230v-13amp-3kw, it must be for external use only and the cord must be the same thickness as the spa cable. 
Q Are Hot Tubs easy to maintain? 
A. Yes, you would be suprised at how easy our hot tubs are to maintain, particularly with our Synergy Water Purification System. Just 10 minutes a week to check the water balance and clean the filters to keep your hot tub water crystal clear. 
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